Monday, July 22, 2019

Pieter Bruegel Essay Example for Free

Pieter Bruegel Essay The Renaissance was a period of time between the 1400’s and the 1700’s, where new views of art and science were created. There were many important figures in this time period. Artists contributed a lot of information to the Renaissance in their art. Among these great artists was a Flemish artist by the name of Pieter Bruegel. Bruegel was significant to the Renaissance era because of his remarkable paintings that showed everyday life scenes during the Renaissance period in Europe. Bruegel‘s time was much different than life as we know it now. Pieter Bruegel was born around 1527, near Netherlands. He was most likely born in the town of Bruegel, Brabant (Gibson 13). Like many young boys during the Renaissance, Bruegel studied his father’s craft, which was art. Bruegel was most likely one of the more wealthy residents of Netherlands. This enabled him to attend school at a young age. Though most of Bruegel’s early life is unknown, we can infer how everyday life may have been during the Renaissance. Pieter Bruegel was taught more in depth about art shortly after his childhood. Pieter Bruegel had a great education. Bruegel’s teachers were skilled artists. Claude Dorizi, one of Bruegel’s teachers, was an art dealer in Malines. Another one of Bruegel’s teachers was Pieter Coeke. At the age of about 34, Bruegel entered the painters’ guild at Antwerp(Gibson 13-15). There, he improved his painting skills and learned how to paint more realistic scenes. Bruegel later started painting both religious and everyday common place scenes. This shows that Bruegel’s education really seemed to develop his painting skills into a new level of artist expression. Bruegel accomplished a lot in his life. Some of Bruegel’s most famous works are Peasant Wedding and The Triumph of Death(Stechow 47). In Peasant Wedding, the wedding guests are shown as stocky figures celebrating a simple wedding feast(World Book 648). The Triumph of Death is much different. It shows an army of skeletons roaming a fiery, dark landscape. In about 1553, Bruegel collaborated with several artists, especially the famous artist, Giulio Clovio(Stechow 45). Bruegel was slowly becoming famous, and began to make drawings for Hierorymus Cock( Stechow 45). Many of Bruegel’s painting taught, and still teach a moral(World Book 648). This shows us that Bruegel cared about education. Bruegel traveled a lot during his later life. In about 1562, he visited Amsterdam(Stechow 45). Bruegel returned to live in Brussels, which is in Belgium(Stechow 45). There he married and had two children, Jan and Pieter(Gibson 17). In about 1568, Bruegel moved to Antwerp(Stechow 45). Bruegel lived in Antwerp for about two years, leading up to his death. Bruegel died around 1569-1571(Gibson 13). He was about 44 years old at the time of his death. This shows that even though Bruegel died at a relatively young age, he improved the Renaissance. Bruegel greatly influenced the Renaissance with his great knowledge of art. Bruegel was an important Flemish artist. He was born around 1527. Bruegel entered the painters’ guild at Antwerp in 1551. Some of Bruegel’s famous works include Peasant Wedding and The Triumph of Death. Bruegel died close to the year 1569-1571.

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